**November 26, 2017 **

I can’t believe we are even talking about Christmas as I swear it was August last week. But it is, in fact, that time of year and I have family members asking me what I want. This is always a tough question for me. I love to give gifts but it can be hard for me to be on the receiving end. Plus if I want something I will typically buy it for myself! I have been wracking my brain for simple gift ideas because I know it will make the giver’s life a lot easier if I would just tell them what I want, but I haven’t come up with much. So Lisa and I thought maybe we could help some of you out by sharing our most favorite things we can’t live without. That way if someone asks you this question maybe you will have an easier time answering :)

Lisa’s Favorite Things:

Lisa's favoritethings....png

  1. The softest caftan ever! A must for lounging around the house but pretty enough to wear in public :) - Dwell and Slumber

  2. I love Aveda lip gloss. They offer the best shine, color and moisture and the holiday gift set is the perfect color for this time of year - Aveda

  3. This treat will definitely get you in the holiday spirit - See’s Candies

  4. Who doesn’t love a pretty pen? These are my favorite for writing on just about anything but especially for writing in my planner - Staedtler

  5. These are a splurge but I honestly couldn’t live without them. Best in comfort and sound - Beats

Sarah’s Favorite Things: Copy of Lisa's favoritethings... (1).png

  1. I wear these shoes with EVERYTHING. They are probably my favorite shoes of all time - Vans

  2. I’m obsessed with all Hobo wallets and purses and you can’t go wrong with this one - it’s the perfect size. For the best prices shop on Haute Look or at Nordstrom Rack - Hobo

  3. Don’t we all have a planner addiction? Finding the perfect one is the hard part. I love something about each one I have but this one is my new favorite, not only because it’s striped and colorful but because it meets all my needs - Emily Ley

  4. This is the SOFTEST, most comfortable throw ever! It’s like being wrapped in a giant t-shirt. I have the ‘large’ and it’s the perfect size! - Cozys

  5. This is a SPLURGE and you may have to ask everyone you know to pitch in on this one but if you are a crafter it is TOTALLY WORTH IT! I have an old Cricut and Silhouette and nothing compares to the capability of the new Cricut Maker - Cricut

Are you wanting to add speech materials to your wish list? Stay tuned for a few of our work-related must haves!