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SLP Summit Q&A: Speech Therapy Rubrics

Our August 2018 SLP Summit is a wrap! Here are 20 questions we couldn't get to during our live course, which was all about developing and using rubrics for hard to treat speech/language goals.

By: Lisa

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NAGPOT: Your Secret to Success in Graduate School

The worst thing a grad student can do is stand still! Keep it moving with Maria Dixon's NAGPOT strategy. This simple acronym can lead to success in school, internships and a career as a Speech Language Pathologist!
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Eliminate Scheduling Tetris

Scheduling doesn't have to hurt. Check out this quick tutorial for creating your schedule quicker than ever before!

By: Sarah

5 Things New SLPs (or New-To-A-School SLPs) Should Never Do

Being a school-based SLP is hard, especially when you're starting at a new school! Avoid these 5 things so you can come in with the right mindset and set yourself up for success.

By: Lisa

Data Collection in Speech Therapy

If loving digital data is wrong, we don't want to be right! Read more on how to ditch your paper ways and embrace the awesomeness of using technology to record your session data!

By: Lisa

Where is the data? Writing Meaningful IEPs

SLPs would never walk into a MET meeting with no data to support recommendations...so why do we do it with IEPs?

By: Lisa

Ask and You Shall Receive: Creative Funding for SLPs

We don't want you to pay for SLP Toolkit either! Use the resources in this article to get funding for your subscription.

By: Lisa