Make decisions based on data instead of making “smart guesses.”

Present Level Assessments

Feel confident when answering the question, “Why did you pick those goals?”

Whether you’re a new or veteran SLP, being asked to provide data for the programming decisions you recommend for a student can be daunting. Our Present Level Assessments remove guesswork so you no longer need to write vague or unsupported present levels in treatment plans. With the built-in screening tools you can quickly and efficiently gather a comprehensive profile of your preschool through 12th-grade students’ communication strengths and needs, so you feel confident in your recommendations to IEP teams.

Progress Monitoring Tools

Complete progress reports with consistency and efficiency.

SLPs take data all the time, so why don’t we have the data we need when it’s time to write a progress report? In therapy, data is typically concentrated on the information needed to drive instruction vs. how the annual goal is actually written. The result? A panicked SLP scrambling for data points and working on dozens of reports over vacation. Our built-in criterion-referenced tests and rubrics allow you to complete progress reports more accurately and efficiently than ever before.

Goal Bank

Write specific, measurable goals with just a few clicks.

How many times have you inherited an IEP and thought, “How do I measure this goal?” When determining treatment objectives, we may recycle goals over and over, write wordy mega-goals, or create vague goals that are unclear to others. With SLP Toolkit’s built-in SMART goal generator, goals are always objective, measurable, and completely customizable to each student’s individualized needs.


Easily share strategies and accommodations with IEP teams, teachers and parents.

Whether developing accommodations for a student’s IEP, recommending interventions for RTI, or creating a home program for parents, SLP Toolkit’s strategy banks are filled with multiple examples of individualized supports for a variety of need areas.

Daily Data

The scavenger hunt ends now.

We’ve all done it - taken data on a sticky note or random piece of paper and then misplaced it. This not only leads into entering in only the bits of information we can remember into our Medicaid notes but also gives us nothing substantial to reflect on when planning for the next session. With SLP Toolkit’s daily data feature, you can quickly and accurately collect and store your data in our secure online system. Even better - all data can be printed in graph form to wow the parents and school teams you work with!

Daily Data Features Video

Use cases.

New SLP Helping Children New(ish) SLPs Go

Apply theory and fundamentals learned in school to the real world.

New SLP Helping Children Experienced SLP Go

Optimize your performance and maintain your expert reputation with colleagues.

New SLP Helping Children Districts Go

Ensure that all of your SLPs are on the same page.