Standards Alignment

SLP Toolkit has created a Standards Alignment document to assist you with connecting common speech-language skills to the educational standards. We hope you find it useful!

Writing Meaningful IEPs

We heart IEPs! We know they can be a drag to develop but they are critically important to your students getting the supports they need and a well written one can make your life so much easier too! Check out this handout for tips and tricks to creating a meaningful IEP!

Lesson Plan Template

Ugh, lesson planning! No one wants to do it, and some of us aren’t even sure how to do it! But planning out your lessons will ensure that your time can be spent interacting and making progress with your students, versus stressing out about scrambling for what direction to go in next. It also ensures that both you and your students are clear on the learning expectations. Check out our lesson plan template and blog post about how to use it!

Apraxia Whitepaper

As school based SLPs we do not have the luxury of specializing in every single area we are expected to treat. One of the areas that can be particularly challenging, due to low incidence on our caseload, is Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS). As we know CAS requires a specific treatment approach and level of intensity different than how we treat other speech sound disorders. Therefore, we must have a way of determining if the child is exhibiting characteristics associated with CAS versus a phonological processing disorder.

Post Graduates - Your Journey Starts Here

As a new SLP you may feel as though you’re navigating without a map. Your mind is filled with theory and fundamentals learned in grad school, but how do you apply that knowledge in the real world? Here are a few things we wish we had known when we started.\