July 11, 2019

When Lisa and I dreamed up SLP Toolkit it was all about a solution to help make progress reports less painful! Since we launched the app in January 2016 it has evolved into the only tool you need to:

  • Schedule your entire caseload in less time
  • Collect comprehensive communication strength & needs profiles on every single student you work with
  • Select & develop specific and measurable goals/objectives
  • Complete progress reports quickly and efficiently
  • Lesson plan & collect the best data ever
  • Reduce billing time from hours to minutes

    For those of you who have used the application, we hope you agree that the product has improved considerably during that time…and we’ve never once raised prices. So, for the first time in our history, we’re changing the price of our subscriptions on August 13th.

    Annual plans will increase from $180 to $215.
    Monthly plans will increase from $19 to $24.

    If you’re currently paying for a subscription:

    To thank you for being an early adopter, we’re locking you into your current price FOREVER! That’s right! You will continue to pay $19.00 a month or $180.00 a year for the life of your subscription! We heart you and this is our way of saying thanks for being awesome!

If you’re on a monthly plan, we encourage you to upgrade to an annual plan before prices change. Annual plans deliver savings of over 20% vs. monthly plans. To upgrade click here or send an email to hello@slptoolkit.com with the subject line: ‘I would like to upgrade to an annual subscription’.

If you’re currently using the free version:

We hope you’ve benefited from using the free version of SLP Toolkit. So why upgrade to a subscription? With the free version you have access to our built in screening and progress monitoring tests. But we are sure most of you have more than 5 students! To truly benefit from the software you will want to use it for your entire caseload! Not only is this resource a great way to improve caseload management, but:

  • progress reports have never been easier than when use use the Criterion Referenced Tests and rubrics to measure progress.
  • you can schedule your entire caseload in less than a couple of hours.
  • taking data digitally means no longer needing to keep track of paper data sheets, and with one click of a button you can extract all of the data and paste it into your billing software.
  • being able to graph your data allows you to see trends and families and administrators love graphs!

    We invite you to upgrade to a subscription by August 13th, 2019 to lock in our current price! For just $19.00 a month you will get access to all of our amazing features for all of the students on your caseload! To upgrade login to your account and click the profile icon in the top right corner.

    We appreciate you!

    We want to thank you all for your support over the years. It’s been a real journey and we’re grateful for how you’ve shown up for us.

As always, we appreciate you using SLP Toolkit and we love that we get to make your job a little bit easier.