March 1, 2016

It feels like I just wrote progress reports, yet here I am again having to write another 60 before enjoying some well deserved R&R. The task is daunting but it doesn’t have to be. The most difficult part about updating progress reports is collecting and/or analyzing data. The only thing worse would be realizing you don’t have sufficient data and trying to figure out a way to quickly get it. This is where a Criterion-Referenced Test (CRT) can come to the rescue.

What is a CRT? Criterion-Referenced Tests (CRTs) measure a student’s performance against predetermined criteria. Teachers frequently use CRTs to evaluate whether students have learned a skill or met the expected standards. This form of measurement is an excellent way for SLPs to collect baseline data and then retest the student’s performance each grading period to monitor progress. The consistency of using the same CRT to retest improves the accuracy of the data.

SLP Toolkit has a bank of CRTs for a variety of speech/language skills in the progress monitoring section. This is just one of the many resources that will help to streamline your practice and allow you to #beyourbest!

Check out this video on how easy it is to complete progress monitoring using SLP Toolkit.

Download this free copy of a Context Clues CRT. Imagine how easy it would be to measure IEP goal progress this way…the only thing easier would be to access it online so you don’t have to search for this paper copy every time. :) CRT-context-clues-1.jpg