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We encountered endless stories from our colleagues who felt frustrated by the lack of consistency in obtaining data critical to providing treatment recommendations. We searched everywhere for a solution designed for the SLP community to collect, store and manage profiles of their students but were disappointed when we discovered no such tools existed.

Devices SLP Toolkit works on

That’s when we decided to create our very own software. We are proud to present SLP Toolkit, a universal assessment program that is accessible from any device, comprehensive and best of all digital. Our software was designed with every SLP in mind - new and experienced - so that they can accurately and confidently collect, record and report data and have access to quality assessments..

  • No more digging through files No more digging through files
  • ​No more manual scoring of tests ​No more manual scoring of tests
  • ​No more trips to the copier ​No more trips to the copier
  • ​No more second guessing data collection ​No more second guessing data collection

All the tools you need to effectively manage your caseload.

Our comprehensive screeners allow SLPs to gather accurate snapshots of a student’s communication strengths and needs to develop SMART goals. We added all of the tools you need to effectively manage a caseload of any size so that more time can be spent on establishing a tailor made Individualized Education Plan. SLP Toolkit structures the data collection process so that all students receive proper testing and can have the best supports in place for them to fully access their curriculum.

Best Practice Doesn’t Need to Be Difficult, You Just Need the Proper Software

Looking to optimize confidence? Wanting to help as many parents, teachers and students but feeling overwhelmed? We created the framework so that you become an architect of a successful IEP without fear of missing any critical components. Collect record and report data with confidence. Streamline your workflow and commit to best practice every day

One Location with Maximum Organization

A single platform for multiple SLPs. No matter the size of the caseload, information for all of your students can be accessed from a single source. Operates and syncs across all of your devices. Optimized for use on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Rest assured that your information is safe and secure.

Go Green!

Using SLP Toolkit reduces endless visits to the photo copier and eliminates the need to organize student folders with spreadsheets and handouts. Contribute to a greener planet and go (nearly) paperless. ​

Communication is the Name of the Game

Establish and maintain clear lines of communication between the SLP, school district, parents and insurance companies. Documents can be easily exported and shared, filed and reviewed helping to streamline your workflow, track your progress and meet your goals.

You’re Not Alone!

We’re a tight knit community of SLPs. We offer extensive tutorials outlining how to effectively use the SLP Toolkit. Still have questions? No problem. We’re here to support you!

No Risk, Maximum Reward

Just starting as an SLP? Trying to organize your caseload? Take SLP Toolkit on a test drive at no cost. If you find that your productivity has skyrocketed and your stress has taken a backseat sign up and enjoy our service for a low monthly rate.

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