April 6, 2022

If I had to identify my superpower, I would say it’s over thinking. I’m not sure I would call it a superpower because it’s often more of a curse than a blessing, but until I can figure out how to make myself invisible, it’s all I have :)

There are some benefits to being an over-thinker…it forces me to work through issues I would rather ignore, as well as to be in a state of constant learning and growing. But this trait also comes with some problems. Being an overthinker can make it difficult to live in the moment - I am frequently stuck somewhere between the past and the future.

In my quest to find balance between embracing my superpower and being more present, I have been studying total body wellness. Here are the two biggest takeaways I’ve learned this month:

This is not something I can improve with a crash course.

It’s impossible for me to make long lasting improvements in the short term. Although I can get so much from reading a great self help book or watching something like Brenè Brown’s new series, Atlas of the Heart, on HBO, if I don’t actively implement what I have learned on a daily basis I will resort back to my old ways.

Two daily practices I have started that have a significant impact on how my whole day goes are yin yoga and finding time to move (notice I didn’t say exercise because it’s not my favorite thing), even if in short bursts throughout the day (taking a walk or a quick class on Apple Fitness app).

I need to focus on the process and not the outcome.

By constantly thinking about the end result, I am missing a ton of learning opportunities and it has a direct impact on my overall success. I often sabotage all my best intentions with a single detour or mistake when I am only concerned with the outcome. With this new mindset of focusing on the process, it’s much easier to chalk something up to a learning opportunity and get back on track!

Now this being said, I am constantly a work in progress and some days go better than others. There are times I think I should take 6 months off, move to India and do silent meditation in order to truly be able to tame my mind, but then I realize 1) that’s not super realistic, and 2) I may feel better during those 6 months but then reality will come calling as it always does. So for now, I am going to incorporate these small changes and wrap up this post and publish it so I don’t over-think to the point of never sharing. :)