November 21, 2015

“It’s not about ideas, it’s about making ideas happen.” -Scott Belsky

I met Lisa 3 years ago when she interviewed me for my current position. Shortly after, I sat down with her for a tutorial on an innovative therapy tool, and although I am sure she gave me a great demonstration, what I remember most is our discussion about our own ideas for things that could help SLPs. One of the ideas was to create progress monitoring tools, such as criterion-referenced tests, to better and more efficiently test progress on communication goals. We didn’t talk about it again for another year or so but little did I know we were both brainstorming ideas about how to make it happen.

Fast forward to today. We have made it happen. It is surreal to see our idea turn into an actual product. Something we truly believe will be a game changer for school-based SLPs. It has become so much more than progress monitoring tools. It is about streamlining “best practice” and in turn allowing you to ‘Be your /bεst/.™’