February 28, 2020

One of the most common questions we get is about the compatibility of our software with SLPs working in a telepractice setting. We polled some of our current users who are providing teletherapy services online and here’s what they had to say!

We first wanted to get a sense as to what drew them to using SLP Toolkit in the first place. Many respondents were specifically drawn to the data collection feature, but others were looking to use the tests or to eliminate paper as much as possible.

Another thing we wanted to know was what mindset barriers they had before using SLP Toolkit. There were some concerns about how to show images when giving tests, overall compatibility with the teletherapy platform, and how the workflow would be tabbing back and forth to take data during a session.

Once they got started, we wanted to know what actual challenges arose. Here are some of those issues, plus how these creative therapists problem solved through the issues:

Problem: Tabbing from the therapy platform to SLP Toolkit for data collection.

Solution: I purchased a second monitor for screen sharing purposes. I am using my iPad in my lap to take data, which works out fantastic.

Problem: Presenting assessment pictures and not being able to type student responses when pictures were pulled up on screen.

Solution: I take a “snip of the picture” and share that on one monitor while I type their responses on another monitor.

Problem: Students can see when I flag their answers as incorrect on a test.

Solution: For the articulation pictures, in Zoom, there is an advanced sharing feature. I will use that to ONLY show the small pictures on screen (I don’t open them full screen) while I record their responses and mark thumbs up or a flag.

Problem: Trying document in real time. I wanted to use it for documentation and I initially found out that it took me some adapting to switch from paper to the app.

Solution: Now that I have the hang of it (for the most part), it has saved me time! I am still using paper/pen for those students that make it difficult to quickly type in a few notes into the app; but I give myself a few minutes in between students to quickly document in those cases.

We asked if any challenges persisted specific to the teletherapy setting as they used the program more frequently. The top two identified issues were:

  1. Students being in different time zones (making it hard to accurately document for Medicaid)

  2. Picture stimuli being embedded in a test vs. being able to open as individual windows

Last, we wanted to know the impact the software had on their day to day as a teletherapist. Here’s what they had to say:

“I think SLPTK is amazing, especially for my situation. It has all my data/notes in one section that my supervisor has access to at anytime. I don’t have to email long lengthy emails to explain things. Even though I still use some paper for data collection, it is awesome how much less I use in comparison to when I worked in a brick and mortar setting.” - Megan B., SLPA, Arizona

“Overall, I am SO pleased with this app! It has made my life as an SLP and teletherapist SO much easier!! I love that it is all online so all of my documents are online. I am using much less paper this year and am so much more organized!” - Kayla D., SLP, Alabama

“I love the tool! I also love how responsive you are to your customers’ ideas and that you are constantly growing and changing it for more efficiency.” - Stephanie A., SLP, Tennessee

“This is a great product for teletherapy. I was skeptical but really wanted the progress monitoring. I now use it for everything: data collection, keeping track of due dates for IEPs, Medicaid billing, etc. The private Facebook group for subscribers is a great place to ask questions and bounce stuff around. My only complaint is that I haven’t had time to watch the videos to know everything it does.” - Amanda F., SLP, Nebraska

“I have used it more this year than ever and I love it!! Thank you so much for always promptly responding to any questions that we have!! Love the support that we receive with this app as well as the functions of the app!!” - Erika B., SLP, Kansas

When asked how often they currently use SLP Toolkit, all those surveyed responded with every day! Thank you Megan, Kayla, Stephanie, Amanda and Erika for sharing your experience with SLP Toolkit specifically as teletherapists.

Do you have any questions or feedback regarding use of SLP Toolkit in teletherapy? Let us know in the comments below!