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True Confessions Episode 45: We have some work to do to make our resources inclusive.

Wes Chernin is in the confessional!!!!!!! We had the privilege of collabing with Wes for SLP Summit and his course, Transgender Cultural Responsiveness for Pediatric Speech-Language Pathologists, was the beginning of an enlightening conversation that we couldn't wait to continue! Wes makes us want to be better humans and we hope you love this episode as much as we do!
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Why Do We Do This? - Synonyms/Antonyms

Explaining to parents, professionals, and our students what we are doing in speech therapy is an essential part of our job. In the Why Do We Do This Series, we'll explore practical and detailed reasons why we choose to work on specific speech and language goals. This installment will address why we work on synonyms and antonyms.

By: Dr. Amanda Blackwell

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True Confessions Episode 44: We are more comfortable in the speech room.

We have Perry Flynn in the confessional and he showed up with a string of confessions 🙂. We chat all about LRE and best practices for service delivery in the school setting - which are easier said than done! We also are able to get answers to some of your burning questions from his SLP Summit presentation! This is just the start of a very important conversation and mindset shift!
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SLP Eve and ASHA Convention 2021

It's almost time for the ASHA convention! We won't be there in person this year, but we hope you can connect with us virtually at SLP Eve or in the virtual ASHA exhibit hall!

By: Lisa

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True Confessions Episode 43: We are constantly unlearning.

We are thrilled to finally have our SLP bestie, Shontaye Glover, in the confessional with us to talk about all the things! This is an honest conversation about personal experience, perspective, how the title of our online conference The Equity Series triggered some negative responses, and most importantly why representation matters, and how and why you should diversify your library and practical ideas for literacy-based therapy.
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True Confessions Episode 42: I Got This! And other lies we tell ourselves.

It's the first episode of Season 4 and a new school year! Sarah and Lisa are in the confessional sharing all of their wisdom on how you can be your best while admitting they don't always follow their own advice 😂. Let's just say there are a lot of snappy phrases given with a lot of caveats! We hope this episode will inspire and motivate you to start the school year off with a bang while reminding yourself that it's easier said than done.
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What inspires me as an SLP?

We asked Judy Hale, a fellow SLP and friend what inspires her as an SLP. Judy has been an SLP since 1980 and we love her perspective, particularly as the field has changed so much over time and yet one thing remains constant: " the desire to communicate with others and to have our voices be 'heard'." This post is a great reminder of why most of us do what we do!

By: Judy Hale

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Begin with the End in Mind

When you begin with the end in mind, it becomes common practice to have a speech graduation conversation at the initial IEP. Guest blogger Abbie Keibler states, "Having these conversations right from the get-go enables parents to see the big picture and understand why dismissal is a reason to celebrate." Take a read as Abbie puts all her experience out their when it comes to dismissal time, and shows us how preparation + necessary conversations=celebratory dismissal for all!

By: Abbie Keibler

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