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A Novel Idea: Using Books as Assessment Tools

We all know the benefits of using books in therapy but there seems to be little talk about using books as an assessment tool. Read on to find out how you can use books to get more information about a student's language skills when determining eligibility for speech and language disorders.

By: Elizabeth Knapp

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True Confessions Episode 32: And if there was a problem, yo, I'll solve it

Our guest in the confessional is Jesse Kleinman, an SLP in Brooklyn, NY! There is nothing we love more than when someone has a problem and they create a solution! Jesse shares how she handled the transition from in-person SLP to teletherapist and the lessons she has learned along the way!
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Providing Behavior Supports for Students via Teletherapy

By: Jessica Kleinman

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True Confessions Episode 31: I knew nothing about complex communication needs and AAC before working in that setting

It's our first episode of season 3 and it's a great one!!! We are thrilled to have Emily Diaz in the confessional chatting with us about everything from working with secondary students with complex communication needs to teletherapy and everything in between! This episode has something for everyone and is timely for our current situation!
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SLP Survival Guide for the First Week Back to School

Back to School 2020 is like nothing we have ever experienced! While there are a lot of unknowns we hope that this step by step checklist will help make your first week back easier!

By: Sarah

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