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True Confessions Episode 42: I Got This! And other lies we tell ourselves.

It's the first episode of Season 4 and a new school year! Sarah and Lisa are in the confessional sharing all of their wisdom on how you can be your best while admitting they don't always follow their own advice 😂. Let's just say there are a lot of snappy phrases given with a lot of caveats! We hope this episode will inspire and motivate you to start the school year off with a bang while reminding yourself that it's easier said than done.
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What inspires me as an SLP?

We asked Judy Hale, a fellow SLP and friend what inspires her as an SLP. Judy has been an SLP since 1980 and we love her perspective, particularly as the field has changed so much over time and yet one thing remains constant: " the desire to communicate with others and to have our voices be 'heard'." This post is a great reminder of why most of us do what we do!

By: Judy Hale

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Begin with the End in Mind

When you begin with the end in mind, it becomes common practice to have a speech graduation conversation at the initial IEP. Guest blogger Abbie Keibler states, "Having these conversations right from the get-go enables parents to see the big picture and understand why dismissal is a reason to celebrate." Take a read as Abbie puts all her experience out their when it comes to dismissal time, and shows us how preparation + necessary conversations=celebratory dismissal for all!

By: Abbie Keibler

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True Confessions Episode 41: I'm always going to want to be inclusive.

Chelsea Cornejo, M.S. CCC-SLP is in the confessional with us chatting with us about best practices in serving families and students. Chelsea is a bilingual SLP based in Austin, TX who is passionate about equity in education and about empowering students and their families. Much of what we discuss is related to working with bilingual students but there are so many takeaways of how these same practices can apply to everyone we work with! Just like her SLP Summit presentation, this episode is left us feeling better informed and inspired!
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Teaming Up With Teachers

Blogger Sarah Bromley shares her collaborative mindset, once again, but this time she hones in on teachers. Collaborative practice will look different from one teacher to another, yet having that teacher buy-in will keep classroom doors open for you to ultimately ensure student success. Check out Sarah's key areas of collaborative opportunities with teachers!

By: Sarah Bromley

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True Confessions Episode 40: It's all about relationships.

Celina Wright, SLPA is in the confessional talking with us about everything from advocacy to the role of an SLPA and the theme throughout this episode is the importance of relationships! Whether you are an SLPA or an SLP who currently or may supervise one - this episode is for you!
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True Confessions Episode 39: I never took a fluency course in graduate school.

One of our favorites is in the confessional with us today! The one and only Nina Reardon-Reeves joins us and as expected the conversation is awesome! Lisa admits to not taking a single fluency course in college, Sarah shares her insecurities about her lack of expertise in the area of stuttering, and Nina, well, she just drops knowledge bombs (and even an F bomb 😜)
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Happy Retirement: Retirement Guidelines for an SLP

Do you find yourself asking, "When can I retire?" Blogger, Julie Lindstrom shares her personal retirement experience and how she "double dips" (receives her state's pension while working in another state). Read on for more of Julie's pearls of wisdom of a not too distant future.

By: Julie Ryan Lindstrom

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