Dec 4, 2023

Today we have Rachael From in the confessional, a school-based SLP from the state of Washington. Rachael shares how we can do more with less by collaborating with other professionals in the school setting. In this setting, SLPs have access to many different professionals while serving students, and using everyone’s collective thinking can have a much bigger impact than working with students as an individual provider in the speech room. Not only does it save time, it also allows students more time to interact with peers and be a part of the classroom. When professionals co-treat the students are able to integrate the skills they are learning and work on things simultaneously leading to better carry-over and progress with less fatigue and more engagement. Join us as we discuss who you may co-treat within the schools, what that may look like with different levels of supports for students, and how higher levels of supports may benefit from more adults treating together more often. We also discuss the differences between direct and indirect collaboration and how to effectively explain this model to parents.

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