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IEP Present Level of Performance

The present level section in an IEP is the foundation for developing an effective treatment plan but it's also the hardest part to write! What if we told you it doesn't have to be? Read on to find out how you can gather the information you need to write the best present level section ever!

By: Sarah

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True Confession E15: What really went down at ASHA 2018!

In this episode, we spill the tea on what went down at the ASHA convention! Listen to find out what we really think about the convention, what we learned from talking to so many awesome SLPs and what it was like to have the best exhibit hall neighbors ever!
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True Confession E14: I get paid to play for a living.

If you are interested in early intervention but haven't tried it yet this is the episode for you! Our guest, Emily Cohen, speech-language pathologist, and author chats with us about using a play based approach in therapy and the benefits of including the family.
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True Confession E13: I used to only take data because someone said I had to.

In this episode, we are talking about everyone's favorite topic - data! Please still click play :)
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True Confession E12: Sometimes my pride gets in the way.

We convinced our friend Doug Cutler, M.A. CCC-SLP, to jump into the confessional and we are thrilled that he did! In this episode, Sarah confesses that she never wanted to reach out to Doug, who is the AAC specialist in the district because she was embarrassed with how little she knew about AAC. Doug confesses that he would have a hard time going back to being a school-based SLP. And Lisa finally gets to use a new term she coined 😂.
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Scheduling with SLP Toolkit Just Got Better!

Check out the newest changes made to the scheduling feature!

By: Sarah

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