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Putting the "I" in IEP

Clearly identifying a student’s needs, then writing goals to address those needs, and finally developing specially designed instruction is the key to a successful, and more importantly helpful, IEP

By: Lisa

Aligning IEP Goals to Academic Standards

The struggle I often see is when SLPs try to match a certain activity to a goal and the "M" in S.M.A.R.T. gets blurred. Consider these tips to keep you out of the gray area and ensure your goal is measurable...

By: Lisa

Evaluation vs. Assessment

I believe SLPs are well trained and do an excellent job of evaluating students and interpreting results for diagnostic purposes. Where we seem to have some difficulty is assessing students' strengths and needs in order to create treatment plans.

By: Sarah

  • paperwork

Buried in Paperwork

Never lose another important document again!

By: Sarah

  • Therapy
  • Student engagement

Competition for Student Engagement?

Competition is a powerful and often overlooked tool for student engagement. Read on to discover other ways for gaining and keeping the attention of our students.

By: Lisa

  • Vocabulary

All Words are Not Created Equal

Tips for selecting stimulus items for practice and testing.

By: Sarah

  • School SLP

"But I'm Not a Teacher!"

When I first began working in the schools I was surprised by all of the other responsibilities that were expected of me working in this setting. Staff meetings, duties, curriculum...rather than continue resisting it I began to embrace it.

By: Lisa

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