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Push In vs Pull Out – AAC Therapy

This article highlights the benefits of push-in vs pull-out therapy for students with complex communication needs.

By: Marisa Julius, M.A. CCC-SLP

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Virtual AAC Assessment

This piece details ideal technology for virtual AAC assessment, necessary considerations, as well as caregiver or facilitator training to aid in the accurate collection of data during the assessment process.

By: Marisa Julius, M.A. CCC-SLP

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EET in the Classroom

Are you ready to dive into push-in services or whole group lessons in the general education classroom? Look no further! The Expanding Expression Tool (EET) is your direct tie to the curriculum with opportunities to support all learners. Using EET throughout your classrooms will engage learners and support true collaboration with teachers.

By: Abbie Olson Keibler

Didn’t school just start? 🤔

Why are progress reports so painful? Because they take so much darn time, and time is our most precious commodity as a school-based SLP! What if I told you progress reports don't have to hurt? Read on to learn how you can create a system and feel more confident in the data you report.

By: Lisa Kathman, MS CCC-SLP

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From Mindset to Memes: Tips for the Middle School SLP

The challenges that adolescents face make the population vulnerable as a whole, but the middle school SLP is in a unique position to provide valuable support. Here are some ways to up your middle school game—but maybe a shift in mindset is all you need. \

By: Elizabeth Knapp

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AAC Assessment in Schools – A Team Approach

This piece details assessment measures that can be utilized in the school setting to assess students with complex communication needs.

By: Marisa Julius, M.A. CCC-SLP

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The Importance of Child-Led/Person-Led Therapy

Child/Person-Led Therapy should be the primary focus of our sessions as Speech-Language Pathologists. This empowers our clients by giving them direction in sessions, providing them with a voice to advocate for their desires and interests. In this post, we explore the concept of delayed echolalia (also known as scripting), Gestalt Language Processors, and the Natural Language Acquisition approach.

By: Jessica Kleinman

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True Confessions Episode 50: We Are a Work in Progress

This is our last episode of the season! Join Lisa and Sarah as they chat about how they are each a work in progress (both personally and professionally), Summer Camp (an exclusive opportunity for SLP Toolkit subscribers), and a scholarship offer for new grads/CFs to be! They also tease out some exciting news about major upcoming developments in the world of SLP Toolkit.
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