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AAC Assessment in Schools – A Team Approach

This piece details assessment measures that can be utilized in the school setting to assess students with complex communication needs.

By: Marisa Julius, M.A. CCC-SLP

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The Importance of Child-Led/Person-Led Therapy

Child/Person-Led Therapy should be the primary focus of our sessions as Speech-Language Pathologists. This empowers our clients by giving them direction in sessions, providing them with a voice to advocate for their desires and interests. In this post, we explore the concept of delayed echolalia (also known as scripting), Gestalt Language Processors, and the Natural Language Acquisition approach.

By: Jessica Kleinman

  • Podcast

True Confessions Episode 50: We Are a Work in Progress

This is our last episode of the season! Join Lisa and Sarah as they chat about how they are each a work in progress (both personally and professionally), Summer Camp (an exclusive opportunity for SLP Toolkit subscribers), and a scholarship offer for new grads/CFs to be! They also tease out some exciting news about major upcoming developments in the world of SLP Toolkit.
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Autistic Masking and Practitioners: Why Professionals Should Be Talking About What’s Not Being Said

When it comes to masking, many of us have heard about it but likely don’t feel confident identifying it or factoring it into an autism diagnosis. Let’s explore what needs to change and where we can go from here.

By: Kimberly Spurlock

  • Graduate School

A Letter to My CF-Self

Now in her 4th year as a speech language pathologist in a large public school system, SLP Toolkit contributor Sarah Bromley reflects on her Clinical Fellowship year. She shares what she’s learned so far, and in this letter to her “CF self”, Sarah provides advice that any new SLP would benefit from.

By: Sarah B. Bromley, M.S. CC-SLP

  • caseload management

Using Whole Caseload Projects to Target Individual Goals

One way to keep things fun and engaging in the speech room is to adopt a project-based learning mindset. In this case, project is a loose term to describe any ongoing, beginning/middle/end, multi-step work. This can be more science minded, purely crafty, designed-based, or kinesthetic. The students love it, work hard on their individual targets, and engage in the ability to flex their brains as they work through the tasks. Jump in, get creative, and have fun with whole group projects.

By: Abbie Olson Keibler

  • cultural awareness

Working with Socio-Economically Disadvantaged Students and Families

Working as speech language pathologist in a school district with socio-economically disadvantaged students and families comes with a unique set of challenges and opportunities. SLP Toolkit blog contributor Sarah Bromley shares what she has learned from her experiences. She focuses on tools and attitudes that SLPs should hone for their therapy so they can discover the “rainbows” in every environment.

By: Sarah B. Bromley, M.S. CC-SLP

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Focus on the Process

By: Sarah Bevier

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