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The Heartbeat of Speech-Language Pathology

We are truly honored to feature our guest blogger Phuong Palafox. Phuong wholeheartedly welcomes us to reflect on our own physical and mental status in order to speak SLP truths. As we wade through this worldwide crisis, Phuong's raw and poignant message lets all SLPs know that we are not alone, and that everything we do is enough. We welcome you to connect with Phuong as you read, and help support her empowering movement.
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But What Does Telepractice LOOK Like?

Telepractice is at the forefront right now for the majority of speech therapists. How do we navigate this sudden shift to telehealth amid the COVID-19 crisis? Guest blogger, Angela Saus, shares her telepractice experience by illustrating a real yet comforting piece that lets us know, "It's going to be okay.".
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Can I Use SLP Toolkit in Telepractice?

Read on to learn how you can use SLP Toolkit as a teletherapist!

By: Lisa

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True Confessions E27: Having an attorney in a meeting is scary.

By: Lisa and Sarah

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Guest Blog: Supervising SLPAs with Confidence

Using SLPAs as a primary service provider can be challenging since the supervising SLP must make treatment decisions based on another person's data...unless they have the right set of tools!
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Special Education Due Process and the SLP

Under IDEA, parents have the right to participate in the educational decision-making process for their child. But what happens when a MET or IEP team becomes deadlocked on a decision?

By: Lisa

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