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True Confessions Episode 41: I'm always going to want to be inclusive.

Chelsea Cornejo, M.S. CCC-SLP is in the confessional with us chatting with us about best practices in serving families and students. Chelsea is a bilingual SLP based in Austin, TX who is passionate about equity in education and about empowering students and their families. Much of what we discuss is related to working with bilingual students but there are so many takeaways of how these same practices can apply to everyone we work with! Just like her SLP Summit presentation, this episode is left us feeling better informed and inspired!
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True Confessions Episode 40: It's all about relationships.

Celina Wright, SLPA is in the confessional talking with us about everything from advocacy to the role of an SLPA and the theme throughout this episode is the importance of relationships! Whether you are an SLPA or an SLP who currently or may supervise one - this episode is for you!

True Confessions Episode 39: I never took a fluency course in graduate school.

One of our favorites is in the confessional with us today! The one and only Nina Reardon-Reeves joins us and as expected the conversation is awesome! Lisa admits to not taking a single fluency course in college, Sarah shares her insecurities about her lack of expertise in the area of stuttering, and Nina, well, she just drops knowledge bombs (and even an F bomb 😜)
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What the heck are you talking about?

Amanda Blackwell, our newest member of the Toolkit family, explains how to make IEP meeting lingo accessible to all families. She points out that our role as SLPs is to ensure that families know that **they** are the experts of their child. We are simply here to help define and reach their child's goals.

By: Dr. Amanda Blackwell

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