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True Confessions Episode 26: A positive mindset and a smile can get you what you want.

In this episode we have our bestie Chris Wenger aka **[@speechdude ](**aka 'The Wang' chatting with us about everything from what went down at ASHA, to what it's really like working in a high school, and how to advocate for yourself! We just love this guy and we know you will too!

By: Lisa and Sarah

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Special Education Due Process and the SLP

Under IDEA, parents have the right to participate in the educational decision-making process for their child. But what happens when a MET or IEP team becomes deadlocked on a decision?

By: Lisa

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True Confession E25: Putting yourself out there is hard

For those of you who have listened before or follow us on social media, you may find this hard to believe but we do really care what people think of 😂 I say that because we post and say some ridiculous things but it is scary! There are plenty of times when we question ourselves! In this episode, we are chatting about what we have learned and what we hope for you!

By: Lisa and Sarah

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Ideas for Improving Productivity

Am I a productivity expert? No. But do I have great systems and organization skills? Also no. But I have made some huge improvements in productivity in the last couple of months! Read on to check out solutions that have worked for me...

By: Sarah

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True Confession E24: This will be the best school year yet...and other lies I tell myself

We're baaaaaaaaack!!!!!! We took a quick break but we are back for an all new season of confessions 🎉 We are kicking off season 2 chatting all about starting a new school year and what we hope for yours!
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True Confession E23: I wasn't trained to train an SLP-A.

It's our final episode of the season 🎉 Thank you for coming along on this journey with us! We have loved every single minute of this and can't wait to come back and start a new season in a couple months!
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