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/R/ you ready for the next step?

Next steps on your journey to fix /r/.

By: Lisa

  • Therapy
  • Articulation

/R/ you kidding me?

Teaching the /r/ sound doesn't have to be so complicated! Check out these 5 child-friendly steps to fix /r/.

By: Lisa

  • Lesson Planning

I Don't Do Lesson Plans - I'm Not a Teacher!

Flying by the seat of your pants is not fun or effective. Use these tips to create a plan that takes only a few minutes!

By: Lisa

  • Literacy Based Therapy
  • Therapy

Book Analysis for SLPs

Do you use books in therapy? Marisha with SLP Now shares how to analyze a book to treat a variety of goals!
  • meetings

Advocates and the SLP

Feel confident in your IEP meetings...even when there is an advocate!

By: Lisa

Formative Assessment in Speech Therapy

Formative Assessment is the buzz word in education! Check out these ideas on how to use in speech therapy.

By: Lisa

Inventory Your Speech Materials Digitally

Do you know what materials you have? Nope? It's time to take an inventory!

By: Sarah

  • End of school year

SLP Brain Breaks - Tips for Surviving the Last Month of School

Need a brain break? Check out these quick ways to refocus and reenergize!

By: Lisa

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