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  • Scheduling

Eliminate Scheduling Tetris

Scheduling doesn't have to hurt. Check out this quick tutorial for creating your schedule quicker than ever before!

By: Sarah

  • caseload management

Caseload Management for School Based SLPs

Managing a caseload of 65+ students with diverse needs is CHALLENGING, to say the least. Read on to find out our best tips for organizing your students so you can ensure compliance as well as have all the info you need at a glance!
  • CF year

6 Lessons I Learned from My Clinical Fellowship Year

Although this post is geared towards clinical fellows that are either about to dive into their clinical fellowship, or that have recently finished, we feel that even seasoned SLPs can appreciate how guest blogger, Sarah Bromley, sincerely captures poignant moments and lessons during her CFY. This piece seems to call all SLPs to reflect on this roller-coaster school year, so that we can continue to move forward and evolve within our profession. May we always remember as Sarah states, “You are a skilled and competent clinician.”
  • Podcast

True Confessions Episode 30: It's not a people problem it's a process problem.

Phuong Palafox, author of The Heartbeat of Speech-Language Pathology, and SLP at Bilinguistics in Austin, TX, joins us in the confessional for a discussion about what school-based SLPs can do to be successful in a system designed to make them unsuccessful. Phuong is not only a brilliant SLP but a beautiful person who has made it her mission to help SLPs know their worth and advocate for themselves. This episode is loaded with inspiration, truth bombs, and solutions! It's a must-listen for all school-based SLPs!
  • last day of school

End the Year With a Bang

You did it! You survived the school year! Now use your time wisely to ensure next year is even better!

By: Sarah

  • Graduate School

SLP Graduate Must-Haves

Hey Graduates, trying to decide what materials you actually need before you begin working with students? We've got you covered. Check out our must-haves list so you can Be Your Best!

The Heartbeat of Speech-Language Pathology

We are truly honored to feature our guest blogger Phuong Palafox. Phuong wholeheartedly welcomes us to reflect on our own physical and mental status in order to speak SLP truths. As we wade through this worldwide crisis, Phuong's raw and poignant message lets all SLPs know that we are not alone, and that everything we do is enough. We welcome you to connect with Phuong as you read, and help support her empowering movement.
  • Podcast

True Confessions Episode 29: I was not financially prepared for a pandemic

In this timely episode, we chat with Craig Goldslager, a financial planner who is also married to an SLP. We talk about everything from the CARES Act to the stock market and everything we need to consider to financially survive COVID-19. He highlights ways to access cash now if we need it and discusses things to consider moving forward should something like this happen again in the future.
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