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**April 5, 2021**

We wanted to title this episode - 'We didn't know we had Tiffany's email' but thought that may be too obscure of a confession 😂 We have Marie Ireland in the confessional for a candid conversation about ASHA's role in our professional lives. Marie has served on various committees within ASHA as well as been the Vice President for SLP Practice - so she has all the behind-the-scenes info. If you have ever found yourself asking the question, 'what does ASHA do for me' or 'why do I pay dues to ASHA' then this episode is for you!

Evaluation and Eligibility for Speech-LanguageServices in Schools
Evaluating Children in U.S. Public Schools With Speech Sound Disorders: Considering Federal and State Laws, Guidance, and Research
ASHA Blog posts What Exactly Does 'Access to the Curriculum' Mean? and ‘Our Voices Are Powerful’
School services and other folks with expertise in school topics and advocacy
ASHA practice portal
Value of the CCC's (Member section to advocate for funding)
ASHA's Leadership Academy (Free to members)
ASHA community site with groups for schools, early career professionals, AAC, rural and remote SLPs, military spouses, and more!
SEACDC (state consultants group website with free training, materials, and links)
Talking EBP - free evidence-based newsletter only 2x per year
Free VDOE SLP Training language culture dysphagia speech sound disorders etc.
SLP Services in the Schools: Guidelines for Best Practice (2018) - Original PDF Version
SLP Services in Schools 2020 Revisions for new SSD and norms
Comprehensive Assessment Reference Card - Original PDF Version
Dynamic Assessment
SUGAR language sampling
ASHA Workload Calculator
The 3:1 Model

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